About Me​​​

  My name is Sarah and I am the owner of Sit Stay Squat,
Human-Canine Fitness Services.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with animals, but that enthusiasm waned as a teenager once I discovered bodybuilding.  
I became so consumed in researching and fulfilling my fitness goals that I left little room for much else – including my dream of becoming a veterinarian.
My passion for fitness certainly didn’t diminish my love for animals, but taking fitness to the extreme that I did unfortunately left little room for much else.
I often found it difficult to keep up with daily walks for my dog on top of my rigorous exercise regimen, but the guilt I felt for putting my exercise needs above her own started to weigh on me. 
Then it hit me!  Why choose one or the other? 
I began replacing my traditional workouts with exercises that could involve my dog, and we had a lot of fun doing so! 
Despite being a toy breed, Missy made the most motivating workout partner I could ask for –
always excited to run up a hill or set of stairs and blissfully content as I incorporated bodyweight exercises, bands, balls and weights for myself. 
Using positive reinforcement, I was even able to convince her to perform similar exercises to the ones I was doing!
I was ecstatic to finally realize I could combine both of my interests into a unique service that would benefit many people and their pets. 
I have since spent countless hours researching human and canine fitness, motivating me to obtain multiple certifications and even traveling to Illinois to become a certified K9 Fit Club Master Trainer.
I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove just how rewarding and beneficial exercising in this way can be for both you and your dog!

Ongoing training and certificates

​ K9 Fit Club Master Trainer Certification 
- 2017

 The Dog House Training Academy Professionals Course on Canine Behavior & Training Methodology ​- 2018

AFLCA Group Fitness Instructor - 2017

 Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid 
- 2018

 St. Johns Ambulance CPR
- 2017

FitPAWS Fun-D-Mentals - 2017

Dean Somerset's Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0 - 2017​​

 Pawsitive Performance K9 Conditioning Foundations for Performance Dogs
- 2018

 Pawsitive Performance K9 Conditioning for Puppies & Seniors
- 2018

 Fenzi Dog Sport Academy Developmental Orthopedic Diseases in Dogs - 2018

Bodyworks is Beautiful 'Active dog' & 'Senior dog' Workshops ​- 2018